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What is Epigenetics?

Epi-Genetics | Above the Genes In layman's terms - your DNA is basically like a giant recipe book. The genes (sections of the DNA) act as specific steps in the recipes, and control how every part of your body is built, and how it functions. These genes are on (expressed) or off (not expressed), and can be partially expressed, like a dimmer switch.

Epigenetics is how your environment and lifestyle changes your gene expression. Things like nutrition, smoking, stress, sleep habits - can all change your gene expression.

Is TruAge like a DNA test?

A regular DNA test looks at what genes you have.TruAge looks at what genes are expressed.Because TruAge measures epigenetics (changes in gene expression in response to outside influences), it provides more information than your typical mainstream DNA tests.While a DNA test can say you have genes that could give you a predisposition to develop certain diseases, Epigenetic tests like TruAge can look at how your lifestyle has increased or decreased the influence of that predisposition. Just having the genes isn't enough. Those genes have to be expressed in a particular way to encourage diseases.

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