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All supplements are not created equal

Updated: Feb 12

Do you know what is in your supplements? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not evaluate the quality, effectiveness or safety of vitamins and dietary supplements. For this reason there are many companies choosing to create and market their own supplements. So which do you buy?

Ingredients to Avoid:

First, you will want to choose vitamins and supplements that come from organic sources rather than those engineered in the lab. Multiple studies (Lindschinger et al., 2019; Lourenço, Moldão-Martins, & Alves, 2019; Thiel, 2000) suggest that organic vitamins are superior in absorption to synthetic vitamins. Unfortunately, even organic supplements can contain fillers and ingredients you want to avoid like Titanium dioxide, a known carcinogen! I could go on about other unwanted fillers like added hydrogenated oils but the bigger evil in the most popular supplements are food dyes which have been proven harmful to human health (Lye, Chiew, & Siddique, 2018).

Supplements I Trust:

For over 25 years Thorne has carried high-quality supplements recommended by health care practitioners and backed by the Mayo Clinic. Furthermore, Thorne chose to go through rigorous testing in order to meet certification from the National Sanitation Foundation NSF for quality and standardization.

Which supplements are right for you:

Your age, dietary habits, immune system and over all health will determine which supplements are right for you. The best thing to do is have an evaluation by a practitioner who approaches your health from a traditional AND naturalist approach with access to quality laboratory testing.

Thorne @ the Med Spa at Clinical Edge:

The Med Spa at Clinical Edge has recently partnered with Thorne to bring you the quality you deserve at prices you can afford. Additionally, Thorne @ the Med Spa at Clinical Edge offers various testing as well as simple interactive quizzes that can help determined your specific needs. Creating a free account with Thorne @ the Med Spa at Clinical Edge allows you to purchase Thorne vitamins, testing and supplements at our discounted price! What are you waiting for?


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