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​​Track your whole-body health with one easy metric, and see how your choices are changing your body's pace of aging. 


The groundbreaking TruAge™ test identifies your Biological Age, by analyzing markers that attach to your DNA. These markers activate and deactivate genes in response to nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and much more. This test focuses on identifying your body’s aging progress, but is a great metric for whole-body health, and for tracking how lifestyle changes have affected you, down to your smallest building blocks. 


If you reduce your Biological Age by 7 years, you also cut your risk of age-related diseases in half! 


​60% of the markers that make up your Biological Age are changeable. Studies show your lifestyle choices DO make significant, long-term impacts on your health at the very building blocks of your body.


TruAge™ also breaks YOUR Biological Age down to show what part is due to the natural progress of time, vs how much you can change with your daily choices. 


​Patients with extreme lifestyle changes have seen changes to their Biological Age in as little as 4 months, but we usually advise 6 months for a more approachable adjustment period. 


TruAge™ is the most comprehensive and accurate testing method of its kind, with over 10,000 patients already tested. 


Now available in our office. 

Ask us about Biological Aging!


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